Ste Dunn
Communications and Marketing Director
How did you get involved with pride and why?.
In 2016 I supported Pride through my work as a photographer and got to see behind the scenes of Pride, including the hard work that goes in to pulling off the free pride weekend and individual satellite events, we've all come to love and look forward too in the summer calendar. I saw an opportunity to share my skills in communication and design... and here I am! (And I'm still here after a non stop few months!) 
What is your role?
Communications and Marketing Director - basically I ensure we get our communication on point and design many of the materials you see in print and across the digital space. 
If money was no object who would be your ultimate Pride headliner?
I'd have to say Adele (since she's my fav) But she'd need winding up a bit to be a bit more 'pride' so I'd get her partnered with a dance act like Kygo. That would be interesting! 
What was the first record you ever bought?
Well... whichever way you look at this, it's embarrassing. The one I remember buying myself, and was super excited to do so with my pocket money, was Wannabe by the Spice Girls from a Woolworths. Remember them? Woolworths I mean... who could forget Spice Girls.
What skills and experience do you bring to the Northern Pride committee?
In my career I've spent many years ensuring communications are compelling and inspiring, either for colleagues, senior management or directly for customers. Whilst also being a photographer, I can see what makes a good memorable image that can be used to help celebrate pride. 
What are your hopes for this year's Northern Pride?
Sun. 2016 was glorious and brought out the crowds. And as a dad, I can't wait to see the Family Zone be even bigger and better than last