Rachel McNicholas
How did you get involved with pride and why?
I've witnessed the growth of Pride over the last few years and watched it go from strength to strength and was very keen to get involved. Getting directly involved has allowed me to be a part of a cause that means so much to me and work with an incredible team.
What is your role?
I am the Health Manager responsible for providing information and ensuring awareness and development of inclusion of health related content including physical, mental health and wellbeing topics at all Northern Pride events. My role is also to develop the health agenda across our LGBT network.
If money was no object who would be your ultimate Pride headliner?
Without a moments' hesitation...Katy Perry!
What was the first record you ever bought?
I hope my music tastes have improved since but it was The Best of East 17!
What skills and experience do you bring to the Northern Pride committee?
I am a highly effective communicator who is able to build strong working relationships with ease. I have a good knowledge of National Public Health targets and a good understanding of the current barriers to health information and services for LGBT people and what needs to be done to resolve these.
What are your hopes for this year's Northern Pride?
In terms of our actual charity I hope that we are able to continue the journey we are on and enable Northern Pride to continue to improve and reach more people across our LGBT network. For the big event, I hope we have the best event ever with even more visitors than last year and that we are all able to enjoy a great weekend safely with hopefully some great weather!