Lou Liddle-McGhee
Family & Youth Engagement Manager

How did you get involved with pride and why?
We saw a post on facebook asking people if they wanted to get involved in developing a family zone at Pride, as we have three boys we thought...why not!

What is your role?
Family and Youth.

If money was no object who would be your ultimate Pride headliner?
Pink...need I say more!?!?

What was the first record you ever bought?
Bros and I loved it, I had bottle tops on my shoes the lot!!!

What skills and experience do you bring to the Northern Pride committee?
My wife and I have three growing boys and we have been to a number of Pride events and the same thread runs through, they are not suitable for families and young people.
My other head is as a teacher in a Newcastle school and for a long time, when my students would tell me they were going to Pride, I would worry that they were safe, as I didn't feel that Pride was inclusive. Pride needs a space for families and young people, people who are new and maybe need a safe place to retreat to, get advice if they need it and a friendly face. This why we feel so strongly about the family and youth zones.

What are your hopes for this year's Northern Pride?
Family and youth inclusivity, Northern Pride with a reputation of the one Pride that is fully inclusive, getting away from the 'piss up in the park' reputation that taints all Prides, bringing back history and education.