Susan Musgrove

How did you get involved in Pride?
I got involved via my links with Tyne Trans, we found out that some positions needed filling on the committee. I had a vested interested in the LGBT scene, so I felt getting involved would allow me to help others enjoy themselves and hopefully learn more about the issues we all come up against.

What is your role?
I came in to Pride to be Market Stall coordinator which i have done and enjoyed. Along the way our Company Secretary had to leave because of his work redeployment. I then offered to take on this Directors role as well (will I never learn !)

If money was no object. who would be your ultimate Northern Pride headliner?
It would have to be Doris Day, I am very old remember !

What was the first CD you bought?
Well I cant remember that, but you never forget your first 45s! Mine where for Christmas when I was 10. They where 'Venus In Blue Jeans' by Mark Wynter and 'Speedy Gonzales' by Pat Boone. That was 1962, yes i am very very old!

What skills do you bring to the committee?
Well I suppose my involvement in the T side of this LGBT event. My past experience on many other committees during my life. Also my faith based lifestyle and beliefs.

Whats your hopes for this year's Northern Pride?
Good weather, large crowds, a great day to show off the LGBT community

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