Wednesday 18 July 2018
Statment from Northern Pride Events Ltd
Statment from Northern Pride Events Ltd
The Pride committee has so far not responded to the many comments - a number of which are completely incorrect - about this year's event, mainly because we are focussing on preparing everything for the weekend.

However we now feel it is very important to clear up a number of matters.

1. Nobody on the  Pride committee has threatened anyone with legal action. Suppliers who work with Pride had comments made in a public arena which were considered libellous, which is why these companies felt it was necessary to take action.

2. Pride is run by a handful of volunteers who work tirelessly to pull what is a huge event together. To get it to the size and stature of the event it now is cannot be done without funding and the support of sponsors. Please bear in mind the financial support given by the LGBTQ community is tiny. Anyone who is unhappy with the sponsorship is more than welcome to make their own financial contribution.

3. The Pride committee is happy for anyone interested to help and work with us on the event and to also provide constructive criticism. What is not helpful is unfounded, personal attacks on people who are spending their own time in creating what is always a massively successful event.

4. If the community is unhappy about the direction that Pride is going in and wants it to change, then again we are happy to look at any suggestions after this weekend. 

5. There also seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding as to how much it costs to put on an event like Pride. Security, fencing, toilets, tents for the various zones - just some of the less glamorous but essential items that need to be paid for.  Add into the mix the entertainment and all the other factors and you have a hefty bill of around £250,000.

6. Yes Pride does buy in some services - this is to ensure the event is run in a professional and proper manner. Our accounts are open and transparent.

7. Geordie Moor is a separate organisation who's support has allowed us use a giant tent this year, to avoid the problems caused by last year's
horrendous weather conditions. 

We are more than happy to address any issues that people have but a divided and divisive approach is not really helping anyone. Let's now join together and enjoy Pride

Regards, Northern Pride committee 

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