Tuesday 23 February 2016
Newcastle Pride 2016 Sponsor Pack
Newcastle Pride 2016 Sponsor Pack
We’ve an exciting range of sponsorship opportunities for you to get involved with this year with packages to suit all budgets. It’s important to note that due to the popularity of Newcastle Pride most packages will be sponsored by May so make sure you don’t miss out and sign up today. And to help your finances we can invoice you before April if you need to use up your end of year budget – always helpful!
Economically it makes sense:
• One in sixteen people in the UK identify themselves as LGBT, that’s over 3.7million people or 157,000 in the North East
• LGBT consumers make up a powerful and lucrative spending group estimated to be worth £70-81 billion to the British economy
• A report from YouGov identified that 60% of LGBT people, over 2 million British consumers, are more likely to buy products from organisations who market to the community
• Three in five LGBT people will engage with an organisation that is LGBT aware
• 42% of heterosexuals are more likely to give their business to organisations that are LGBT ‘friendly’
• Each year we, as a community, spend £5.8bn on Dining Out; £5.7bn on Fashion; £1bn on Concert & Theatre Tickets; £2.4bn on Hairdressing; £3bn on Electronics and £4.7bn on Travel (including £47million on honeymoons!)
• Speaking of which; there are 60,000 couples in civil partnerships in the UK with an estimated 15,000 couples expected to convert to marriage status in the next three years – think of the parties! Simply on the numbers; a same sex couple earning 25-41% more than the average salary with fewer dependants and more disposable income is a market you simply cannot afford to ignore.
We can’t promise you 3.7 million customers however by supporting Newcastle Pride your organisation will be promoted to hundreds of thousands of people who attend our events, visit our website, join our social networking pages and listen to our radio shows. You’ll be sending a clear message that your organisation welcomes all consumers regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation and it will send a moral boosting message to your team, many who will be LGBT or have close family and friends who are, that you are proud employer.
You will also be helping to promote equality and fairness; working towards a safe environment where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals can promote their culture and work towards removing the social exclusion experienced by many - now that’s a powerful message.
There are many ways your organisation can get involved. You can make a donation to our charity, fundraise on our behalf, offer services in kind or raise your profile by becoming one of our key sponsors. Sponsoring Newcastle Pride will not only introduce your services to a new consumer market but will also help to promote equality and fairness where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals can promote their culture and work towards removing the social exclusion experienced by many.
If you would like more information on Northern Pride or would like to help our charity by making a donation, fundraise on our behalf, offer sponsorship in kind or sign up to one of our fantastic  Newcastle Pride packages please get in touch. You can download a copy of the Sponsor pack using this link

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