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Northern Pride is committed to keeping Newcastle Pride free and creating an event that is run by the community for the community.

As you can appreciate putting on such a large festival and parade is expensive. This year (2018) the cost for pride is estimated over £250,000 to host our celebration in Newcastle on Friday 20th July, Saturday 21st July Sunday 22nd July. Marquees, staging, entertainment, security, refuse collection, toilets, signage, marketing, health and safety and a zillion other things all adds up. When you throw a party for 73,000 people and with 16,000 marching through the city you can't do it on the cheap! We really need your support so please donate if you can.

We are run ENTIRELY by volunteers, with some specialist consultant help, so every penny of this cost goes on creating the event. Newcastle Pride is a huge asset to the City and in 2017 was worth £9.2 million to the Newcastle economy.

Northern Pride has been running events since 2007 for the LGBT community. We are a charity and rely on donations, grants and sponsorship to run a diverse and engaging calendar of events throughout the year. We strive to keep everything we stage free however on the rare occasions that we do have to charge this is at reduced rate and only covers costs.

Finding funding every year is never easy. Almost two thirds of our money comes from our sponsors. We are very grateful to them for the support they show the LGBT community; quite simply without them there would be no pride. The rest of our money comes from a range of sources including grants from organisations such as Newcastle City Council, donations-in-kind (like the nice people that make our website work), and individual donations from the amazing LGBT community who want to see pride continue.

The events we run throughout the year wouldn't be possible without our fantastic volunteers who give up their time to support us. This can be as little as being a parade steward on the main day, helping with collections round the scene, arranging fundraising events or a more active roll on the main committee as a co-ordinator or Director.

We are always looking for people to help us so if you're interested please contact: Stephen Willis on the following email address

ABOVE ALL PLEASE DONATE TO OUR CHARITY.  Northern Pride is for you. Without your support it couldn't continue. We appreciate times are tough but please help us to keep Pride free by making a donation.

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