The deadline for nominations is 31st December 2015

Submissions can be made by E-mail or by post as follows:

Please include Your Contact details, Place of work and title, Awards Category and your Nominee, along with 500 words why your nominating them.

Post: Download form

North East LGB&T Inclusion Awards
Northern Pride Events Ltd
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Completing the Nomination Form

1. Create an awards submission that stands out from the crowd!

The judges will be looking at numerous entries and you need to ensure that yours gets the judges attention and stands out from the others.

Before you write your submission think about the outcomes the project has achieved, the key benefits, impact and difference it has made to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. To help bring the impact to life consider including information, data or testimonials to help the judges get a real feel for what you are writing about. Consider what is unique or innovative about your particular nomination? Include any quotes or feedback from LGB or trans people who have benefitted from your work.

2. Keep within the word limit

Tell us (in no more than 500 words) why you think your nomination should win the award and how it demonstrates excellence and innovation in your particular award category.

3. Use Plain English

The judging panel are well versed in equality but won’t necessarily know a great deal about your work or organisation. Make it easy for them by using straightforward plain language.

4. Structure

Structure your nomination as if you are telling a story. Use a logical order with a beginning, middle and an end to make it clear what you did and what was achieved. It’s really important that you adequately cover the impact your work has made. Your submission could include all or a selection of the following: overview, understanding of community/employee needs, innovation, what you have done and how you executed it, partnership working, outcomes, results, impact, how you have shared learning with others and passed on good practice.

5. Discuss

Discuss your nomination with others in your organisation/team/group. This will help you be clear about content and impact and make sure you have the right facts.

6. Double check

Ask someone to read your nomination before you send it in. Check that they understand it and that your nomination is making the impact you want it to.

7. Support

If you are unsure how to complete your nomination form or would like a chance to talk it through with someone please call:
Ken Mortimer: 07969 412 748 or Mark Nichols: 07850 133 511

8. Non disclosure

Northern Pride will keep all information included in award submissions strictly confidential, and will not disclose any information from the submissions without formal authorisation from the applicant.

9. Supporting information and physical evidence

You are welcome to post a limited amount of evidence to support your submission.


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